Moon Gate Info

Moon gates have in China a very special meaning.
Going through a moon gate is entering a different world.

Even nowadays moon gates are very often used
as a gate for a garden.

You are entering a different world – a garden.

Looking through a moon gate to the outside of a
garden, is a look into the world of daily life. 


The Chinese Embassy in Berlin you are entering
by a moon gate.

It means:
  • You are in Germany but you are entering China. 
  • The laws and rules apply to the Republic of China.
  • It needs no explanation, the Chinese know it.

In a city
  • Moon gates are separating districts of a city. You leave your home district and enter a foreign district of the city.
  • Entering by a moon gate a house or going through moon gate of a wall surrounding the house you are going from the public to the private part.
In general
  • It is always a symbolic change, a change you have not to explain, if you know about it.
  • Going through a moon gate in mind or real, could be the occasion for transition or to improve something.
Zhineng Qigong
  • Practising Zhineng Qigong you may handle in the same way, leaving the world around you and entering the world of practice and meditation.


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