Qigong Guide - e-book

Qigong Guide 
Qigong, Zhineng Qigong and more....

An Orientation Help for Beginners.

It is for those who still haven't 
found their Qigong and are looking 
for information and to help them 
to make it easier and to shorten 
the time to find the suitable Qigong

As a bonus you find in the annex 
the interview with Dr. Pang Ming,
in English language.

The new structure for e-book now
makes it easier to read it.

An index makes it possible to find certain parts or chapters of 
interest. = only in ePUB version possible =

Some advice for e-book use please see GOOD to KNOW.
A pocket book version may follow at a later time.

Content ePUB version = about 107 pages.
(make-up ePUB is different, approx. 110 KB with coloured title page )

The size of the letters in an e-book is different and can be adjusted 
to your preferences and so the number of pages will vary and the 
ePUB version has no fixed number of pages.

click for sample pages 

You can order the e-book only in ePUB version for 9,75 Euro.

Delivery will take place to the email address we receive from you
after we have got the payment. The format you want to
have, i.e.  ePUB has to be indicated in your order.

                           PayPal, giropay, credit cards are accepted

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