Moon Info

New Moon 
  • The New Moon is not visible, in line between Earth and Sun. 
  • The light reflected by the Earth is not sufficient, to make the Moon visible.
  • The Sun behind the Moon. The gravitational forces of the Moon and the Sun are combined.
  • The high tides are very high at the coasts and called spring tides. The combined forces of Moon and Sun are tremendous. 
  • The ratio Sun to Moon is about 200 to 1. 
If you want to use these forces for Zhineng Qigong practising, it makes the most sense to do it at New Moon. Then you have not only the forces of the Moon but the forces of the Sun, too.

Full Moon  
  • The Full Moon is fully visible 
  • The Earth is between Moon and Sun. The light reflected from the Sun makes the Moon visible. 
  • From the direction of the Moon we only have the gravitational forces of the Moon. 
  • Behind the Moon is the Universe. There are only the forces of the Moon. 
  • In the opposite direction, not visible, is the Sun. 
  • If we have the ratio of 200 to 1 for Sun to Moon how much can the forces be, not being more than balanced or superimposed by the Sun ?
Do we use by Full Moon practicing of Zhineng Qigong the forces of the Moon or the ones of the Sun ?


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